Our People

Our People

Our people
At Buzz, we're on a mission to be the nation's No. 1 choice for bingo.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, entrepreneurial, and ambitious company - but ultimately, people are what we’re all about, and our very own Remarkable People are the heart of our business. We work in Buzz Bingo clubs across the UK, at our Buzz Hub office in Nottingham, out in the field travelling between clubs and the Buzz Hub, from our desks at home, and at special events like Bada Bingo raves and Boogie Bingo party nights. Every colleague matters, and every colleague makes a difference.

We believe Remarkable People belong at Buzz, and it’s our aim to make sure everyone who works here feels like they truly belong. We do this by empowering all our Remarkable People to be their best selves at Buzz; offering everyone the opportunity to develop and grow to achieve their potential. We always encourage colleagues to bring their own personality to their role, because we believe it’s the ability to be your true self at work that means you can build meaningful connections with both colleagues and customers. And it’s these connections which are at the heart of Buzz.

Our values
Our colleagues worked together to create these values that truly represent who we are, where we are going, and what sets us apart from everyone else. We like to stand out from the crowd!

  1. Empower & Enthuse: Our energy, enthusiasm, and sense of fun is contagious and powerful. Let's use it!
  2. Do The Right Thing, Always: Even when no one is watching, we do the right thing, always.
  3. Fear Less, Act More: We get stuff done. We're a business of doers, and we're proud of that.
  4. Listen, Make It Count: Listening is an underrated superpower that we do brilliantly. We listen, and we speak up.
  5. Care Relentlessly: Caring is in our DNA. The way we look after people and our business is what makes us who we are.

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