Our Brands

Our Brands

Buzz Bingo
We're on a mission to be the nation's no.1 choice for bingo. With our 80 clubs across the UK and multiple-award-winning website, Buzz Bingo customers can play together, anywhere. We're Britain's biggest bingo operator and we have games for every kind of player. Our clubs are the OG British bingo hangouts, and we honour that rich tradition while bringing creative new products, events, and parties to keep things fresh. We're where old-school meets innovation, where every visit is a fresh take on the classic British bingo experience.

Customers logging in to our multiple-award-winning website enjoy an unparalleled online experience of bingo, slots, casino, and social interaction. Buzz Bingo is the proud home of Live Bingo, where professional Presenters host interactive social bingo games, streamed live to buzzbingo.com from our studio every day.

At Buzz Bingo, we're more than just a place to play; we're a vibrant community where everyone is welcome and players win a staggering £2 million each week in our clubs and online. Our passion for creating a safe and inclusive space is the backbone of every game of bingo, every spin of the slots, and every shared moment of laughter and celebration. We are dedicated to delighting our customers, from the spontaneous laughter and cheeky chatroom messages to the palpable excitement of a hundred players holding their breath in anticipation of a win. Our remarkable teams are dedicated to ensuring that every Buzz Bingo experience is welcoming and brimming with excitement. Everything we do, we do it to delight our customers. Community really is everything at Buzz Bingo.

Buzz Casino

We get it, not everyone's into bingo. That's why we've made a dedicated website for all those players who want to enjoy their slots and casino games without any bingo-based distractions. Here, clarity and focus drive our game library and user experience, ensuring customers can enjoy nothing but the best in online slots and casino gaming. Whether a customer is a seasoned player or new to the scene, our platform is designed to provide a seamless and engaging experience, free from distractions and aligned with the individual's gaming desires.

We don't just play bingo and slots, we also play it loud with our ever-growing range of events. Forget what you think you know about bingo, because our bingo halls are the perfect venue for hosting live bands, loud parties, and bingo raves. Think immersive entertainment, nightclub lights, massive screens, celebrity guests, and we even get the confetti cannons out sometimes.

At our sell-out "Buzz Presents" events, one minute customers are dabbing their numbers, and the next they're singing along to all their favourite hits performed by the best tribute acts in Europe. So far Abba, Queen, Beyoncé and more tributes have rocked our clubs, and we can't wait to tell you who's touring our clubs next. And as for Bada Bingo? Well, they're massive, messy raves with old-school bingo, turned-up music, don't-care dancing, and plenty of (really) cheeky prizes.

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The Buzz Group
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